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The attractiveness of the EMB machine is the technology that overcomes the traditional barrier to powder coat with relatively high speeds and high thickness accuracy on web and sheet based coating applications. With this machine the coater now has an economical coating alternative to powder spray coating and solvent coating lines without compromising on quality standards. The first production machine runs at speeds of 20 m/min, depositing an adjustable layer thickness on a flexible metal substrate between 50 and 70 micron with a thickness variance less than 3% at a working width of 800 mm.

In addition to its extreme low floor space usage, fast make-ready and changeover capabilities, the machine can be integrated in existing lines, making it very affordable to start pilot projects. Further developing the EMB technology for different coating and bonding applications will enhance the market share of powder coatings at the expense of liquid paints and bonding materials.

Properties and possibilities.

  • No overspray means no powdercoating losses
  • Contactless coating means no wear en no coating defects.
  • No solvents in powder coating means no environmental costs.
  • Uniform and controllable layer thickness, creates opportunities for powdercoating.
  • Short curing times ( in combination with Adphos NIR technology down to less than 10seconds).
  • Variable substrate widths in one machine create great flexibility for the CCL.( Compact Coating Line)
  • Complete Coating line lengths possible of 12meters, creates mobile coating line possibilities.
  • The EMB-unit can be placed on a within 3 square meters and can be integrated in existing coating lines. This creates the possibility for a low cost and relatively simple production setup for a EMB-powdercoatingline.


  • Product Prepainted metal
  • Width 10-2200mm
  • Shape Strip, sheet or wire
  • Coating Powder
  • Coating thickness +/- 10-150 Micron
  • Coating precision +/- 5% deviation in length and width
  • Start-stop +/- 5-10cm
  • Change-over time +/- 1-10 minutes
  • Line speed +/- 1- 100 M/Min
  • Curing proces depended on powder characteristics (Possibly Adphos NIR )
  • Application method EMB (Electro magnetic brush)
  • Production capacity+/- 5 ton Alu/14ton steel per day
  • Batch size Possibly 0,1 to 5 ton

Machine concepts

Lab machine.

For small scale testing, development of effective powder/ carrier combinations, and certain application development, a small scale testing machine can be build against relatively low cost. With this machine the effectiveness of the powder/ carrier combination for a certain application can be tested, demo products can be made for further analysis.

A little more advanced lab machine can also be build. This machine is perfect for small feasibility tests/study's and application development because of its flexible setup and low price.

Integration in Existing coating lines

Low cost Implementation and High flexibility

Because of its small size and little infrastructure needed it is relative simple to integrate a EMB-powdercoating unit in to an existing coatingline. This makes a implementation of EMB-powdercoating a low cost investment. It would even be possible to make a flexible coating line by just adding the EMB unit and also maintaining the existing coating units.

On-demand coil coating

On-demand and on-site powder coating with EMB-Technology's Compact ECCL (EMB Coil Coating Line)

'Coilcoating on-demand - A dream in coilcoating becomes reality!' as Adphos quoted at the 8th NIR-symposium in Bruckmull Germany. EMB-Technology shares this vision and On-demand coating is also one of the main unique selling points of the EMB-powdercoating machine. The start stop length of the EMB-powdercoating process is between 5 and 10cm. In combination with Adphos NIR technology, which is very compact and has startup time of about 3 seconds. Compact en flexible CCL's can be produced for coilcoating on-site for example at big building projects or steel distribution centers. A compact CCL of 12 meters located in two 20 foot containers is possible.

On-demand Flexible coating

On-demand powder coating of special products with EMB-Technology's ECL (EMB Coating Line)

Next to on-demand coil coating the EMB-Powdercoating machine can also be build to handle a wide variety of different products, from strip up to complex surfaces. But also a wide variety of different materials can be coated, conductive and non-conductive.

Carrier Cleaning Device

Carrier Cleaning DeviceThis fully continues patented system for separating toner from carrier is suitable for 99% of current toners used in Laser printers today. The toner is transferred to a self-cleaning mesh-surface, by 0.5m2 of continues electromagnetic brush movement. The standard machine has an output of 150-300 gram per minute depending on carrier type. It is possible to produce customer specific machines with an higher or lower output volume.

The brochure can be found at 'links and Downloads'.

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Drawings of first stage of the 2nd generation EMB-Powdercoatingmachine finished.


Stage one is released from the engineering department. Parts will be ordered as soon as possible and stage one will be assembled beginning of 2014.
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Start Development of new small scale laboratory machine.


Because of the demand for small scale EMB laboratory machines, to research the possibilities of the technology with a low investment level, we decided to create a solution and develop such machine. This machine will again be a new compact concept that will combine the current EMB technology with the CCD technology.
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Start development of 2nd generation EMB-Powdercoatingmachine.


With the knowledge we gained in the past 1,5 years with trials, the carrier cleaning technology and the results of coating trials. We decided to start developing a new EMB-Powdercoatingmachine that combines the CCD, and existing EMB technology in a completely new and innovative machine design.
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Carrier Cleaning Device finished.


After some small adjustments to the basic design the First large scale Carrier Cleaning Device in the world is a fact. We were able to successfully separate carrier from powder/toner in a continues process. Laboratory test of the cleaned carriers (magnesium ferrite Beads) show less than 1% powder concentration in all cleaned carriers. Some types of developer show even a 0,1% powder concentration, which may even be small contamination.
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New Company location.


From the 1st of January complete DG press Group can be found in its new 7000m2 company location at the Hallseweg 21, Hall. DG press bought the new building and will be housing DGPS, DGPM and EMB-Technology.
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Start assembly of Carrier Cleaning Device.


A lot of effort is put into the development of the CCD device for large scale separation of carrier and powder/toner. Extensive testing has been done and we feel confident that this innovative machine will be a success. Because of the innovations within the cleaning process a Dutch patent application is put in.
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Preformed first industrial coilcoating trials with the EMB demo machine.


The main focus for the application of EMB is still the coilcoating market thatí is why a lot of effort is put in developing this market and getting the right coating results. The last few weeks we were able to place the 300mm wide EMB-demomachine in-line in an industrial wet coilcoatingline. We learned a lot about the powders, curing, the EMB-process and machine in an industrial environment.
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Development of Carrier Cleaning device started.


Carriers are small ferrite beads and are used in the EMB process to transfer the coatingpowders. But next to this they are also used in Laser printers and copiers all over the world. Because the growing demand for separating the used carrier from the coatingpowder (or Toner how it is called in printers) in the laser printer business, and for being able to clean our own carrier when we do a colour change-over. We decided to start the development of an carrier cleaning device (CCD).
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