Carrier – Toner Separation

With our new development the CCD (Carrier Cleaning Device) it's now possible to do high speed, high volume fully automated carrier-toner separation. This is possible for 99% of current dual component developers used in laser printers and copiers today. Looking at the environmental impact of disposal of non-separated carrier this device can give an tremendous environmental advantage and will make toner cartridge disposal and recycling sustainable. Look at machines for more information.


Because of the big interest from the market we started to develop a special addition to the EMB-powdercoating machine that enables the coating of repeating patterns. This is especially useful when applying bonding powders.

Powders and carriers

Applying powders doesn't only mean applying epoxy and polyester powdercoatings. Trough development we are now able to apply al types of different powder.

By working closely together with our partners for Carrier and Powder development we have already developed a number of special carrier - powder combinations for different applications.

Regular powders

An important development is the special EMB-carrier series that are developed to work with around 80% of the common powdercoatings used on the market.

Bonding powders

Thermal bonding powders are usually liquidized for application. With EMB this step isn't necessary anymore and the bonding powder can be very accurately applied as a powder.

Anti sticking powders

Some production processes require a powder to be applied to avoid components sticking together when stacking them. These powders are proven to be applied without any problem.

Ceramic powders

For coating ceramic products, ceramic powders are required, through some extensive development we are now able to apply these ceramic powders on al substrates.

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Drawings of first stage of the 2nd generation EMB-Powdercoatingmachine finished.


Stage one is released from the engineering department. Parts will be ordered as soon as possible and stage one will be assembled beginning of 2014.
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Start Development of new small scale laboratory machine.


Because of the demand for small scale EMB laboratory machines, to research the possibilities of the technology with a low investment level, we decided to create a solution and develop such machine. This machine will again be a new compact concept that will combine the current EMB technology with the CCD technology.
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Start development of 2nd generation EMB-Powdercoatingmachine.


With the knowledge we gained in the past 1,5 years with trials, the carrier cleaning technology and the results of coating trials. We decided to start developing a new EMB-Powdercoatingmachine that combines the CCD, and existing EMB technology in a completely new and innovative machine design.
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Carrier Cleaning Device finished.


After some small adjustments to the basic design the First large scale Carrier Cleaning Device in the world is a fact. We were able to successfully separate carrier from powder/toner in a continues process. Laboratory test of the cleaned carriers (magnesium ferrite Beads) show less than 1% powder concentration in all cleaned carriers. Some types of developer show even a 0,1% powder concentration, which may even be small contamination.
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New Company location.


From the 1st of January complete DG press Group can be found in its new 7000m2 company location at the Hallseweg 21, Hall. DG press bought the new building and will be housing DGPS, DGPM and EMB-Technology.
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Start assembly of Carrier Cleaning Device.


A lot of effort is put into the development of the CCD device for large scale separation of carrier and powder/toner. Extensive testing has been done and we feel confident that this innovative machine will be a success. Because of the innovations within the cleaning process a Dutch patent application is put in.
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Preformed first industrial coilcoating trials with the EMB demo machine.


The main focus for the application of EMB is still the coilcoating market that’ is why a lot of effort is put in developing this market and getting the right coating results. The last few weeks we were able to place the 300mm wide EMB-demomachine in-line in an industrial wet coilcoatingline. We learned a lot about the powders, curing, the EMB-process and machine in an industrial environment.
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Development of Carrier Cleaning device started.


Carriers are small ferrite beads and are used in the EMB process to transfer the coatingpowders. But next to this they are also used in Laser printers and copiers all over the world. Because the growing demand for separating the used carrier from the coatingpowder (or Toner how it is called in printers) in the laser printer business, and for being able to clean our own carrier when we do a colour change-over. We decided to start the development of an carrier cleaning device (CCD).
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